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Choose Pure Click Business as an Effective e-Business

What are pure click companies? E-business comprises of two basic varieties – pure click companies and brick and click companies. Pure click companies are the companies, which do not have an offline land based branch for their business. All their business transactions like trade of goods, financial transactions and communication, takes place through the online […]

Reasons for a Paradigm Shift from Land Based Business to e-Business

E-business – the easy way to access global customer base E-business is ruling the roost in international business circuits. Its major popularity is because of its easy access to a global customer base, efficient global communication using ICT and improvement of profits and productivity of the company. The rocketing development in the field of internet […]

Importance of e-Commerce in e-Business

The relation between e-commerce and e-business E-commerce is the heart and soul of an e-business. Although e-commerce and e-business are largely, related, there are differences between the two. E-business has a much wider scope when compared to e-commerce. While e-commerce deals with all the money related aspects of a business like purchase and sale of […]

Advantages Of e-Business Models

What are e-business models? E-business employs different business set ups in transactions between different parties to simplify the business operations. The main parties involved in e-business are the consumer, the business, the employees and in some cases, the citizens and the government. Each transaction is divided into a different category based on the parties involved. […]

Various Types of Security Concerns in e-Business

The risks of e-business E-business is an effective way of developing a business. However, since all the transactions happen online, e-business is not free of risks. Hacking and internet crime is a very common happening nowadays. By hacking into a website, any person can access the confidential information regarding a business like financial statements, details […]

Start and Promote Your e-Business

Business over the internet is growing at an exponential pace. Now, e-business is most probably the best way to do the business, Lot of people is starting their e-business daily. If you have also a desire to do internet business, then you have to go through some steps, without that you can not really do […]

Useful Guide on E-Business Strategies

What is an e-business strategy? E-business strategy involves implementation of the latest developments in the field of internet and software technology to increase the output of an e-business. This is a rapidly growing field and a very important factor for the success of a, n-business. The latest development in e-commerce research can be implemented in […]

Best e-Business Ideas

Online store An online store can reap much more profits than the traditional stores. This is one kind of e-business that provides a lot of flexibility in working schedules and also customer interaction. The cost of setting up an online store is much less compared to a traditional store. An online store can deal with […]

Craze of Doing E-Business

The craze of e-business is growing day by day. More and more people are now willing to do the e-business. If there the popularity of e-business is growing all over the world, then there should be some features of the e-business for which the popularity of this business is growing. In this article, we will […]

E-Business – a Way to Financial Freedom

Best choice of business in a financial crisis Opting to go online with your business is one of the best choices you can make in economically tough times. The reason why online businesses stand the test of time is because the people all over the world are so addicted to the internet that they just […]

Worldwide Access with E-Business

E-business or electronic business is a term used to define the functioning of a business on the internet or using internet tools. This concept is used to improve profits of a firm by means of applying internet technology to reach a larger customer base and improve the efficiency with which a business is run. The […]

Security Risks Involved with e-Business

Security risk The biggest concern about e-business is security risks. Since all the transactions are carried out online, it is possible for others to hack into your system or intercept your system and modify or manipulate the database you the company. It is easy to steal data online, if a person know the methods of […]

Different Means to Make Money through an e-Business

Advertisements Buying and selling goods is not the only way of earning profit through an e-business. An e-business implies that you have a website. So, can use the web space to make more additional incomes along with the main business of your site. One of the best means of earning through your e-business site is […]

e-Business – Home-Based Business – Perfect Solution for New Mothers and Retirees

Low cost of startup One of the biggest advantages of e-business is the ease and low investment with which the business can be set up. Compared to the traditional brick and mortar stores, which require big initial investments, an online business can be started with low investment. The cost incurred in the interior decorations of […]

Business to Business Transactions of e-Business

Consumer to consumer transactions Consumer to consumer kind of e-business, called C2C business for short is the kind of e-business wherein a consumer sells products online to another consumer. In other words, the seller is not the manufacturer of the products. This kind of transactions may have further variations. Online auctions and sales are examples […]