Reasons for a Paradigm Shift from Land Based Business to e-Business

E-business – the easy way to access global customer base

E-business is ruling the roost in international business circuits. Its major popularity is because of its easy access to a global customer base, efficient global communication using ICT and improvement of profits and productivity of the company. The rocketing development in the field of internet has given a big boost to e-business all over the world. Also, with almost everybody having access to a computer, it has become easier than ever to begin and expand an online business by saving huge operational charges. E-business saves a lot of time for both the buyers and sellers and e-banking makes transfer of funds easy.E-business – more strategy based than land business

With the increase in competition in every field of business, it has become operative that a businessman expands his scope of business and increases the awareness of his brand, failing which, he will easily be overtaken by the other competitive sharks. The way of doing business has gone through a metamorphosis and has evolved into a strategy based operation. Advertising and marketing have become more important than ever before. In fact, the packaging of the goods and services has become as important and in some cases, more important than the goods and services. E-business makes it possible for a businessman to sell a comprehensive deal to his customers.

E-business – a better way of dealing with competition

The business community has now changed the conception of the ancient motto “First come, first serve”. While in the olden days, this motto applied to the customers, it now applies to the businessman. A businessman who comes and grabs his share of the market first only can survive the cut throat competition. Also, the business has to press his initial advantage by regularly upgrading his services and products. This is the reason why e-business is gaining such a lot of prominence. Compared to land based business, e-business is easy and quick to start and easy to upgrade and maintain. So, a businessman wanting to stay ahead in the business field naturally gets tempted to shift his business online.

E-business – quicker pace of development

Internet technology has provided plenty of tools and software’s to all businessmen to take their business forward. New developments take place every other week, thus keeping the businessman on his toes in order to provide better service to his customers. Compared to internet business, land based business witness a slower pace of development. The quality of goods and services offered by an e-businessman has to be high because unlike land based business, e-business does not easily build up patrons. If the service is bad, shifting to another store is as simple of as a few clicks.

E-business – better customer service

E-business allows better interaction between the business and clients despite the fact that the two parties hardly even personally meet each other. Unlike land based business, customers of an e-businessman can contact the company by internet chat, video conferring and emails. The businessman can also respond quickly and get the customer’s problems sorted. In short, the whole process of customer service becomes a piece of cake on the internet.