Optimize your eCommerce website and maximise ROI

We will analyse your existing eCommerce website and map you goals to align with your ebusiness strategy. And provide consultation and propose strategies to achieve your goals. We will also provide integrated marketing plan and strategy which you need to implement for the success of your eCommerce venture.

If your eCommerce website have good traffic but not closing the sales, then it's time to think about optimizing your website. There may be various reasons for the eCommerce website underperformance, we wwill analyse the website traffic using tools like Google Analytics, ecommerce analytics and optimize the conversion rates. The convertion rates will be optimized using Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) methodoligies. CRO is the process of optimizing the customer journey for easy buying and welcoming for visitors to navigate and buy from. Some of the quick wins are listed below, which you can easily improve the conversion ratio.

If the eCommerce website has more steps that people have to come to the checkout page, then the less likely they are to complete the buying process. The shorter the customer journey, the easier it will be for your customers. Use single-page checkout system similar to the industry leader platforms like PayPal One Touch. By automating several customer inputs like email address, Name, etc on the checkout page, the percentage conversion will be higher.
There are many of reasons people don't complete the checkout process. Maybe they didn't have their credit card right in front of them. Maybe they found the checkout process too complex. Maybe the phone rang or one of the kids needed something, and they got distracted and just forgot to come back and finish. To get those distracted customers on board to try again on the cart needed a trigger or a push. An abandoned cart email or an SMS will be key channel to be used to remind the customers that they have left items in their cart, and encourage them to finish the checkout process.

Coupons have more conversion influence than discounted prices, hence introducing coupons for cart abandon can improve conversion rates.

AB Testing is one of the best ways to see what your audience responds to the best and understand the customer behavior on your website. AB-testing is the most popular form of conversion rate optimization, with 56% of marketers using this method.

eCommerce Website Development Process

eCommerce Website Conversion Rate Optimization Process

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