Digital Process Automation powered by Artificial Intelligence

Digital Process Automation refers to the use of digital technologies to perform a process or series of processes to accomplish a goal or specific function. The Digital Process Automation is often referred as “Business Process Automation”.

Using Digital Process Automation, a wide variety of business processes and activities with similar pattern can be automated. More often, several processes can be partially automated with human intervention within certain strategic points. We can automate sales pipelines, marketing campaigns, production process, supply chain monitoring, inventory control and management, office administration, IT and IT Enables systems and management process using digital process automation.

About Our Company

ecomCS is founded by young energetic eCommerce and media professionals with collectievely more than 100 years of experience in eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Media, and Artificial Intelligence fields. The professionals have widespread experience working with big brands and leading publishing houses in providing leadership and vision in setting strategic direction to increase market adoption.