Choose Pure Click Business as an Effective e-Business

What are pure click companies?

E-business comprises of two basic varieties – pure click companies and brick and click companies. Pure click companies are the companies, which do not have an offline land based branch for their business. All their business transactions like trade of goods, financial transactions and communication, takes place through the online medium. These businesses collect fees and commissions for the transactions that take place through their website. There are several thousand examples for pure click companies like Search engines, online stores, online marketing and advertising companies. These companies do not accept or supply orders in the offline medium. It is very important for these companies to build efficient interactive websites and concentrate on providing good customer service. Pure click companies have their pros and cons, which are discussed in the rest of the article.Pure click companies are easy to launch

Setting up a pure click e-business is as simple as buying web space, creating a website to showcase goods and services and marketing the website online. A businessman does not have to look for mortgage of commercial spaces or land, thus he can get rid of all the legal formalities and beurocracy required. He also doesn’t have to bother about renovating or redecorating the store interiors to make it pleasing to the eyes of the customer. E-business websites are designed and maintained by web designing companies. It can be done within a short while and with a low budget.

Pure click companies are easy to maintain

Since pure click companies do not have an offline branch, maintenance becomes very easy. Generally, web hosting companies or the web designing company that designed the website take care of the maintenance of the site. They are easy to maintain when compared to the brick and click companies or pure brick companies since there is no need of hiring cleaning staff, taking care of minor repairs of the store like chipped walls and broken windows. Also, a businessman does not have to worry about providing parking space for customers. In a lot of ways, pure click companies are cost – effective and easy to maintain.

Pure click companies are cost-effective

Pure click companies are cost – effective since the costs of maintenance and initial startup investment are drastically cut down. Also, pure click companies do not only trade with goods. They are predominantly innovative business, which do not require a land base. Drop-shipping is a low cost pure click e-business option on the internet. Other types of pure click businesses like paid to click sites, article writing and promotion, e-books and blogging can be carried on with negligible investment. The only expense incurred will be cost of computer and internet connectivity.

Limitations of pure click e-business

Although the advantages of a pure click e-business are many, there are certain limitations that a business has to keep in mind in order to improve the probability of success of the business. Most of the businessmen tend to get into pure click business without a strong knowledge about what is involved. Glitches like down times, low connectivity, virus and hacking threats, fierce competition, poor marketing strategy, poor website design, low understanding of customer needs and inability to provide efficient customer support can ruin a pure click business. A business has to take proper precautions to overcome the limitations and build up a successful pure click business.