Business to Business Transactions of e-Business

Consumer to consumer transactions

Consumer to consumer kind of e-business, called C2C business for short is the kind of e-business wherein a consumer sells products online to another consumer. In other words, the seller is not the manufacturer of the products. This kind of transactions may have further variations. Online auctions and sales are examples of a consumer to consumer e-business. This kind of transaction is carried out via an intermediary channel like a website. In this system, one consumer puts his goods up for sale in the website; another consumer sees the goods in the website and buys it from the website. In the whole process, the websites gets its commissions and cuts.

As the name indicates, this kind of transactions, B2B for short, refers to transactions between two business enterprises. Neither of the two parties involved are the final consumers. A B2B transaction may involve dealings between a retailer and a wholesaler, between a raw material supplier and a manufacturer and a manufacture to retailer. Communication between two business houses is also a kind of B2B transaction. For example, communication between employees of different firms using an online medium. The whole process of a finished good reaching the final consumer may involve multiple business to business transactions.

Business to government and government to business

Any transaction between a business house and a government organization is public sector dealing. These kinds of e-business make it possible for businesses to get government contracts by placing online bids. A business to government (B2G) or a government to business (G2B) transaction may either by local contracts, national or central contracts or even international contracts. This is a highly secured mode of communication system and involves strategy planning or preparation of action plans for project executions between the government and private business enterprise. Such online transactions need extra security measures.

Business to employee transactions

These transactions are the dealings between business management and its employees. The typical business to employee (B2E) transactions involves transfer of salaries into employee accounts, employee benefits, insurance policies and notifications by the administration. These transactions are made online. Through B2E transactions, the business provides its employees products and services. These are intra-business dealings and do not involve external communications. Businesses use B2E communications and transactions to give incentives, bonus and retain good staff. The foundation of the B2E concept was laid due to severe shortage of skilled human resources in big conglomerates.

Business to consumer transactions

In any e-business category, a business to consumer transaction or B2C transaction is the end transaction of a business chain. Any business manufactures products for its consumers. The business may be a retailer, a wholesaler or even a drop-shipper. These transactions involve sale of goods to the consumers and wherever required, maintenance of goods sold. The transactions involve both the sale of goods and services. There are a lot of companies that cater directly to the consumers through websites. This way, a company can cater to more consumers simultaneously and the consumers can also get the goods and services without having to wait for a long time.